Apple announced Q3 Result – the report made many debates

 Third Quarter Result caused many contests most …

Apple gave their Business Report in Q3, 2013.  According to the Summary document, the Total profit is $35,323 billionless than the Q2, 2013 (decreases $8,28 billion).

This made many people concerned. There were some rumors and unrest about Apple situation.

Apple’s Data Summary – Q3.2013

(You can see more details at:

However, there’re still some things to continue hoping. At the WWDC 2013, Apple has introduced the “newest series”, one of the impressive products is the New MacBook Air, along with OS X Mavericks – that didn’t let people disappoint. 🙂


New MacBook Air – one of the “new series” products which impressed the most.

OS X Mavericks Demo at WWDC 2013

OS X Mavericks Demo at WWDC 2013


New IPAD Mini – Retina Display

The iOS 7 beta

The iOS 7 beta

iOS 7 Beta Demo

iOS 7 Beta Demo (photo credit:

And, on this fall, Apple will officially release the iOS 7, along with the next generation of the iPhone 5.
Let’s wait for their new changes (and chances or challenges) 🙂