Are your mobile devices being secured ? (Part 1)

 Nowadays, the Security Issues are increasing quickly. Malwares, Trojans, and Hackers now are “paying attention” to our Mobile Devices (i.e: smartphone, …) more than other “traditional” devices (such as PC, Laptop,…). So, why ? Let me talk a bit about our new matters.

To look back the 20th century, our IT industries had to face to a lot of Security Problems. One of the reasons was that we worked daily with our Computers. The IT-Thieves, Hackers, then realized there was a “big” chance to exploit the data security gaps. They ( Hackers ) saw Computers, at that time, were the First and Popular Target for them to “sabotage” and “ruin” almost companies, organizations, even individuals.

However, in this 21st century the “IT Security Fight” have more changes. We see the fast development which our Mobile is “the center” of all challenges. Since Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone in 2006, and lately, the iPad in 2010, many Manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, (and now, even Microsoft) joined in the “new Market” immediately.  They have produced their own smart devices, with many prices.  But, our new security issues now come along ! You also may hear that:

> Many user’s personal information leak due to the smart devices (such as iPhone, iPad, …)
> Many cheated apps now are “going and sitting” on the online-store (even on the Google Play)
> Many users like to use the Free Apps, but they don’t know what is safe for them
> There is a lack of management Security Privacy of the Mobile Apps on the store.

 Yes, those above are our “headache” today. We store many things on our smart devices, and we also prefer to download many apps from the store site. The problem is serious when we don’t know if app is safe or not. Then, many “back-doors” are generated and break in our smart devices, too !

 Alarmingly, the Mobile Apps now are the “rich soil” for cheating, hacking …

McAfee Malware Mobile Apps Report

(We can see Newest Security Report here)

Those are “an overview” of our New Security Issues today. The less Security Privacy and User’s awareness are, the more the Hackers attack, cheat, or steal Personal Information. So, are your Mobile Devices being secured now ? What do you plan to self-protect? 


The new Mobile Battle has begun, what does this mean to you? (Part #1)

  • Question:

The New “Mobile – Battle” has begun, what does this mean to you?

To talk about this, at first, let’s review all Digital events occurred in the last weeks/months.

   At this early June, from 10th to 14th, we have seen Apple’s Keynotes at the World Wide Developers Conference 2013 (WWDC 2013). Many Followers, Media Channels, Partners, Competitors, and other people … have paid attention to these a lot. Apple has informed many “new stories”, and, one of the most expected things is the iPhone’s next generation. Although, at the WWDC 2013, Apple doesn’t show the new look of iPhone 5S (as many rumors stay there), the iOS 7 has been designed with new features and the flat-style. Obviously, customers will realize that Apple wants to attract them more, and, to give them the best experience, at the iOS 7 – platform of the next iPhone 5S.

And, if you don’t forget so quickly, at this early year 2013, we saw Samsung’s Mobile World Congress (MWC 2013) events. They brought out “their big story” – the Galaxy S4, their next smart phone. They also displayed all new features of the Galaxy S4 which received many comments later, both praises and blames [some of my friends claimed that there were many censures from the audience, more than the praise] 🙂

Yes, that’s our lives ! 🙂 But, the first opinion I want to show you that, do you recognize the change ? 🙂 I want to tell you that, “the burst” of the Mobile Industry today, gives us many “interesting stuffs”. The past-look when people used the phones/cell phones which were “weighty”, “ugly” (as many ones told), now is over. There are things  which called “smartphones” appear, since Steve Jobs informed the 1st generation iPhone in 2006. That made the world amazed, and, it started the “cutthroat competitions”. But, who has benefited from this ? Yes, the customers (as us) have the most benefits.

So, let’s list them. People have the chance to choose their “smart-phones”. There are many kinds, styles which are “lighter”, “smarter”, and “fine”. The most stuff we enjoy is, we can use our cell phone to do more things on the Internet (e.g: browse the web quickly, watch the video (on YouTube, for example), can send and receive E-mail easily, and so on …) Those smart-phones have their own OS, to manage its own features, and this is the “original point” of those competitions between Manufacturers.

Now, let’s take a look at those “Mobile Battles”:

  • The newest iOS 7 – Apple’s WWDC 2013 introduction:

  • The Galaxy S4 – Samsung’s MWC 2013  introduction:

[There are also many comparisons, praises and blames along!] 🙂

   So, remember that if there is anything else, YOU, as the Users, are the ones who benefit the most. 🙂 You have your own opinion and opportunity to select which smartphone you like, and no one can force you to do this.

That is the First Point we’re talking. The “Mobile Battle” occurred in the past, but today it has been begun again! 🙂 It’s not strange, because this is the “logical necessity” of our life. The winner is the one who can make the customer most comfortable and satisfied. That’s all (and don’t worry). 🙂