[Re-blog] To Recall – Steve Jobs Speech from 1983

To re-listen this, and to see that many Tech things Steve Jobs predicted now are come true.

1. Google Street Map. (Now, Google also has “Google Street View Style” which makes impress in 3D view mode)

2. IPod.

3. IPad.

4. IPhone – the “hottest” device – the most favorite smartphone from Apple, that currently takes off many hearts.

Yes, for over 30 years since that Speech, we see many ideas come to the “real life”. And, one thing I keep in mind is Steve Jobs slogan for Apple:


Steve Jobs with Apple - Think Different



[For Education] – Apple iTunes U

Another Apple app for Education is iTunes U (available on the App Store) which is for showing course-lectures, discussions, language-lessons … from many universities in the world. Students can study online courses which are in iTunes U, and, certainly, STUDY FOR FREE there! Teachers can use iTunes U for creating their own lessons, courses, … and then “open” them for their online students. All things are built and managed by a Web-based Tools – iTunes U Course Manager.

Photo of Apple iTunes U for Edu

Apple iTunes U for Edu

Yes, everyone can learn, with their iTunes U app on iPad, iPhone or Mac !

>> For Student:

  • Keep track of assignments
  • Access Class Materials
  • Organized Notes
  • Receive Pushed Notifications
iTunes U - Features for Students

iTunes U – Features for Students

>> For Teacher:

  • Create an outline
  • Add posts and assignments
  • Deep link to assigned materials
iTunes U - Features for Teachers

iTunes U – Features for Teachers

For more information about iTunes U (details, download, update), visit:


Apple announced Q3 Result – the report made many debates

 Third Quarter Result caused many contests most …

Apple gave their Business Report in Q3, 2013.  According to the Summary document, the Total profit is $35,323 billionless than the Q2, 2013 (decreases $8,28 billion).

This made many people concerned. There were some rumors and unrest about Apple situation.

Apple’s Data Summary – Q3.2013

(You can see more details at: www.apple.com)

However, there’re still some things to continue hoping. At the WWDC 2013, Apple has introduced the “newest series”, one of the impressive products is the New MacBook Air, along with OS X Mavericks – that didn’t let people disappoint. 🙂


New MacBook Air – one of the “new series” products which impressed the most.

OS X Mavericks Demo at WWDC 2013

OS X Mavericks Demo at WWDC 2013


New IPAD Mini – Retina Display

The iOS 7 beta

The iOS 7 beta

iOS 7 Beta Demo

iOS 7 Beta Demo (photo credit: mashable.com)

And, on this fall, Apple will officially release the iOS 7, along with the next generation of the iPhone 5.
Let’s wait for their new changes (and chances or challenges) 🙂

The new Mobile Battle has begun, what does this mean to you? (Part #1)

  • Question:

The New “Mobile – Battle” has begun, what does this mean to you?

To talk about this, at first, let’s review all Digital events occurred in the last weeks/months.

   At this early June, from 10th to 14th, we have seen Apple’s Keynotes at the World Wide Developers Conference 2013 (WWDC 2013). Many Followers, Media Channels, Partners, Competitors, and other people … have paid attention to these a lot. Apple has informed many “new stories”, and, one of the most expected things is the iPhone’s next generation. Although, at the WWDC 2013, Apple doesn’t show the new look of iPhone 5S (as many rumors stay there), the iOS 7 has been designed with new features and the flat-style. Obviously, customers will realize that Apple wants to attract them more, and, to give them the best experience, at the iOS 7 – platform of the next iPhone 5S.

And, if you don’t forget so quickly, at this early year 2013, we saw Samsung’s Mobile World Congress (MWC 2013) events. They brought out “their big story” – the Galaxy S4, their next smart phone. They also displayed all new features of the Galaxy S4 which received many comments later, both praises and blames [some of my friends claimed that there were many censures from the audience, more than the praise] 🙂

Yes, that’s our lives ! 🙂 But, the first opinion I want to show you that, do you recognize the change ? 🙂 I want to tell you that, “the burst” of the Mobile Industry today, gives us many “interesting stuffs”. The past-look when people used the phones/cell phones which were “weighty”, “ugly” (as many ones told), now is over. There are things  which called “smartphones” appear, since Steve Jobs informed the 1st generation iPhone in 2006. That made the world amazed, and, it started the “cutthroat competitions”. But, who has benefited from this ? Yes, the customers (as us) have the most benefits.

So, let’s list them. People have the chance to choose their “smart-phones”. There are many kinds, styles which are “lighter”, “smarter”, and “fine”. The most stuff we enjoy is, we can use our cell phone to do more things on the Internet (e.g: browse the web quickly, watch the video (on YouTube, for example), can send and receive E-mail easily, and so on …) Those smart-phones have their own OS, to manage its own features, and this is the “original point” of those competitions between Manufacturers.

Now, let’s take a look at those “Mobile Battles”:

  • The newest iOS 7 – Apple’s WWDC 2013 introduction:

  • The Galaxy S4 – Samsung’s MWC 2013  introduction:

[There are also many comparisons, praises and blames along!] 🙂

   So, remember that if there is anything else, YOU, as the Users, are the ones who benefit the most. 🙂 You have your own opinion and opportunity to select which smartphone you like, and no one can force you to do this.

That is the First Point we’re talking. The “Mobile Battle” occurred in the past, but today it has been begun again! 🙂 It’s not strange, because this is the “logical necessity” of our life. The winner is the one who can make the customer most comfortable and satisfied. That’s all (and don’t worry). 🙂

Los angeles has bought Apple IPad to teach their students

[On June 19th, 2013]

According to Apple’s News, the LA Unified School District has awarded Apple $30 million for iPad Deal, to distribute to their students in this area. They are going to teach students via iPad, instead of the “traditional teaching” with black-board and books.

Education is in Apple’s DNA and we’re thrilled to work with Los Angeles Unified public schools on this major initiative as they plan to roll out iPads to every student across 47 campuses this fall.

“The Board voted unanimously for Apple because iPad rated the best in quality, was the least expensive option and received the highest scoring by the review panel that included students and teachers,” said Jaime Aquino, LAUSD Deputy Superintendent of Instruction. “The vote is another step forward in the District’s plan to equip every one of its students with a device by 2014. When completed, the LAUSD will become the largest district in the nation to provide each of its students with the technology.”

Apple will provide iPads that include the Pearson Common Core System of Courses delivered via a new app as part of the integrated solution. Apps such as iWork®, iLife® and iTunes®, in addition to a range of educational third-party apps are also included.

— said Apple

So, be happy, students ! It’s not too long to have your own favorite and convenient equipment, iPad, to study at school.

English: A 1st generation Apple iPad showing i...

English: A 1st generation Apple iPad showing iBooks, with the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)