Los angeles has bought Apple IPad to teach their students

[On June 19th, 2013]

According to Apple’s News, the LA Unified School District has awarded Apple $30 million for iPad Deal, to distribute to their students in this area. They are going to teach students via iPad, instead of the “traditional teaching” with black-board and books.

Education is in Apple’s DNA and we’re thrilled to work with Los Angeles Unified public schools on this major initiative as they plan to roll out iPads to every student across 47 campuses this fall.

“The Board voted unanimously for Apple because iPad rated the best in quality, was the least expensive option and received the highest scoring by the review panel that included students and teachers,” said Jaime Aquino, LAUSD Deputy Superintendent of Instruction. “The vote is another step forward in the District’s plan to equip every one of its students with a device by 2014. When completed, the LAUSD will become the largest district in the nation to provide each of its students with the technology.”

Apple will provide iPads that include the Pearson Common Core System of Courses delivered via a new app as part of the integrated solution. Apps such as iWork®, iLife® and iTunes®, in addition to a range of educational third-party apps are also included.

— said Apple

So, be happy, students ! It’s not too long to have your own favorite and convenient equipment, iPad, to study at school.

English: A 1st generation Apple iPad showing i...

English: A 1st generation Apple iPad showing iBooks, with the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Apple’s Keynotes Recap WWDC13

 Apple has just presented all keynotes at The World Wide Developer Conference 2013 (WWDC13). Last week is very exciting, right ? So, if someone can’t watch through those keynotes, there is another Recap (Video Clip) created by The Verge, that could help you re-tour all Apple’s events at WWDC13. Enjoy ! 🙂

Be careful when buying product from unknown persons

As many people like buying the second-hand iPhone, iPad … someones may cheat the buyer with  their jugglery (i.e: selling a … potato box, wood, instead of the 2nd iPhone, iPad; selling at the Higher Cost than the Original Price from Manufacturer, etc.).

So, there are some Tips for you – as Apple Fans, to avoid the Bad Sellers:

1/ You should refer to the trusted information about the Price, Features … of the Product (such as: iPhone, iPad, MacBook) you’re going to buy. It always be found at Apple’s Official Website: www.apple.com  … ==> This can helps you know the Right Cost of your buying things.

2/ You should go to the Authorized Retails of Apple. All of them are easily found out at Apple’s Site, so you only search on it to buy at the Shop near you. Details here: Apple Retails/Resellers

3/ Or, more easily, you can Shop Online, at Apple’s Official Sites , if you are in USA. Apple’s Staffs will take your booked product(s) to you. It’s safer and more convenient !

And, finally, be cautious and don’t be “greedy”. This advice will prevent you from bad seller’s traps.

Good Luck with your Right Decisions.

Thanks for reading my post,